Taxonomic classification of
environmental genomic fragments

TACOA is a software that can accurately predict the taxonomic origin of genomic fragments from metagenomic data sets by combining the advantages of the k -NN approach with a smoothing kernel function. TACOA can be easily installed and run on a desktop computer, therefore allowing researchers to locally analyze their metagenomic sequence data or integrate it into their pipelines.

Researchers can easily incorporate to the framework of TACOA sample specific-models from particular organisms. The
use of sample especific-models can greatly support the identification of organisms of special interest. Our proposed
method has been originally designed to predict the taxonomic origin of environmental genomic fragments sequenced from
any technology producing fragments at least 800bp long.

If you use TACOA please cite:

Diaz N.N., Krause L., Goesmann A., Niehaus K. and Nattkemper T. TACOA - Taxonomic classification of environmental genomic fragments using a kernelized nearest neighbor approach. In review


Download TACOA 1.0
Download README for installing TACOA



Naryttza N. Diaz (corresponding author) CeBiTec Bielefeld University
Lutz Krause Nestle Research Center Switzerland
Alexander Goesmann CeBiTec Bielefeld University
Karsten Niehaus CeBiTec Bielefeld University
Tim W. Nattkemper Applied Neuroinformatics Group Bielefeld University