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GCC Maintenance

I'm a regular contributor to the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) project for over a decade. I currently maintain the OS port for Solaris and co-maintain the GCC testsuite. Until their obsoletion in GCC 4.7, I also maintained the OS ports for IRIX, and Tru64 UNIX. This means regularly testing the current development version, reporting and fixing bugs found either by myself or by others, and improving support for those platforms and reporting or working around problems found in native tools like vendor assemblers, linkers, libraries and system headers.

Current projects

Apart from the regular testing, there are a couple of projects currently underway or planned.



Completed projects

The following projects have been completed recently.



Test Farm

The tests are run on a small test farm of mostly old donated or retired machines.

The following machines are no longer in active use because they have become too slow or the OS versions they run are no longer supported by GCC. Two of these machines were donated by Sun Microsystems via the Academic Excellence Grant program

Rainer Orth, 2017-09-29