Center for Biotechnology

Mission statement

The Center for Biotechnology – CeBiTec – is one of the largest and most prominent central academic institutions at Bielefeld University. The CeBiTec bundles activities and interests of research groups focusing on various aspects of biotechnology within the Faculties of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Technology. Its mission is to encourage and to support the development of innovative research crossing discipline boundaries.


Since its foundation in 1998 three institutes, the Institute for Bioinformatics (IfB), the Institute for Genome Research and Systems Biology (IGS), and the Institute of Biochemistry and Bioengineering (BioChemTech) have been established under the roof of the CeBiTec. The availability of comprehensive technological infrastructure as being provided by CeBiTec’s Technology Platforms is crucial for a successful scientific work. Academic training of graduates is fostered by the Graduate Center offering high-level PhD programs.

The CeBiTec is headed by a Scientific Director and the Executive Committee composed by representatives of all status groups of the university. Eight high ranking scientists from industry and academia form the Scientific Advisory Board.

Since the summer of 2007 the CeBiTec resides in a new building on the campus of Bielefeld University. The building offers laboratories for different research groups, for the Technology Platform Genomics and for experimental student courses. Furthermore, the building provides offices for the CeBiTec administration and seminar rooms.