A. Pühler and members of the Senior Research Group “Genome Research of Industrial Microorganisms” are participating in several training programs for pupils, students and Ph.D. candidates. The following section gives an overview of the training programs:

A) The Pupils Academy “Biotechnology/Synthetic Biology”

An annual one-week Pupils Academy was designed for top-class pupils of the advanced level of academic high schools in Ostwestfalen-Lippe (region in Northrhine Westphalia, OWL). The pupils are introduced into the field of “Biotechnology/Synthetic Biology” by means of talks and experiments. In 2012, the Pupils Academy was organized for the first time, but it will be repeated on an annual basis. The regional government of Detmold supports the Pupils Academy which is mainly financed by the Familie-Osthushenrich-Stiftung for three years. The Pupils Academy is organized by W. Arnold, A. Pühler and W. Selbitschka.

In addition to the Pupils Academy, interested pupils of academic high schools in OWL had the opportunity to visit the CeBiTec during a “taster day” and to learn about "Biotechnology/Synthetic Biology”. It is planned to organize a training day for biology teachers of academic high schools in OWL dealing with the same field.

B) Final projects for certification of seleceted bachelor and master programs

Members of the Senior Research Group are involved in suggesting and supervising final projects for certification of students of selected bachelor and master programs, such as “Molecular Biotechnology”, “Bioinformatics and Genome Research” and “Genome-based Systems Biology”.