Overview of the doctoral programme

for scholars having started after 2016-12-31

"Industrial Biotechnology" / Doctoral study programme

for scholars having started before 2016-12-31

The language of the programme is English.

The studies are planned for 39 months, including a 3-month industrial internship. During the doctoral studies, 30 credits have to be collected by actively participating in the programme’s activities and other scientific events.

Awarded credits

Credits will, for example, be awarded for:

  • lab courses (mandatory, 4 credits)
  • active participation at each annual retreat (mandatory, 2 credits)
  • oral presentation at one annual retreat (mandatory, 2 credits)
  • key competences course at CLIB2021 (mandatory, 4 credits)
  • industrial internship, 3 months (max. 6 credits)
  • publications (4 credits)
  • attendance/organisation of seminars (max. 2 credits)
  • presentations at scientific conferences (2 credits)
  • research stay abroad (max. 5 credits)
  • excursions (1 credit)
  • organisation of excursion, conferences, workshops (max. 2 credits)

Lab courses and internships

Three-day lab courses will be offered on the subjects of polyomics, expression/biocatalysis and biocatalysis/downstream processing. Students have to participate in at least one course outside their own area of research.

The key competence course covers introductions to innovation and project management as well as patent issues.

The industrial internship – which is planned for about 3 months during the third year of the programme – takes place at a biotechnological company (usually a CLIB2021 member). The thesis supervisor and CLIB2021 will support students in identifying suitable companies and finding an internship position.


Doctoral studies in this programme offer you the opportunity to perform your research in top-level labs, join a community of researchers in industrial biotechnology and establish a connection to the biotech industry at an early stage in your career. You will be supported by a stipend of 1500 €/month during your studies.


Study Regulations

The students are enrolled in the graduate course of studies "Industrial Biotechnology" either at the "Faculty of Biology" or the "Faculty of Technology". You can download the study regulations here (in german).