The CeBiTec is led by an Executive Board constituted by elected representatives of all status groups of the CeBiTec. The Executive Board elects the Scientific Director and appoints the Executive Secretary.

The current members of the Executive Board are:

Prof. Dr. O. Kruse
Scientific Director

kruse olaf

Prof. Dr. T. Noll
Deputy Scientific Director, representative of professorate

noll thomas

Prof. Dr. N. Sewald
representative of professorate

sewald norbert

Prof. Dr. J. Stoye
representative of professorate

stoye jens

Prof. Dr. B. Weisshaar
representative of professorate

weisshaar bernd

Prof. Dr. V.F. Wendisch
representative of professorate

wendisch volker

Prof. Dr. J. Kalinowski
representative of scientific staff members

kalinowski joern

S. Konermann
representative of further staff

konermann susanne

M. Ferrari
representative of further staff

ferrrari marga


Prof. Dr. A. PĆ¼hler
honorary member

puehler alfred

Dr. S. Weidner
Executive Secretary

weidner stefan