Advances in Industrial Biotechnology:

Prospects and challenges for the development of algal biotechnology

Center for Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC), Bielefeld University, Germany
September 16 – 18, 2024

The Center for Biotechnology (CeBiTec) of Bielefeld University cordially invites you to attend the 13th International CeBiTec Research Conference Bielefeld entitled "Prospects and challenges for the development of algal biotechnology”.

The conference will be held at the Center for Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC) of Bielefeld University from September 16th to 18th, 2024.

Conference program


Schedule outline

A draft outline will soon be available. Please note the following key dates for you travel plannings.

Mo., 16.09.2024, 10:00 o´clock: Registration openes at the CITEC.

Mo., 16.09.2024, 13:00 o´clock: Opening of the conference.

Wed., 18.09.2024, 14:00 o´clock: Conference closes.


Conference Flyer


Confirmed speakers, chairs & organizers

Invited Speakers    
Ilka Maria Axmann Inst. Synth. Microbiol., HHU Düsseldorf, DE
Adrien Burlacot Carnegie Inst. for Science, Stanford, US
Sarah d'Adamo Wageningen University & Research, NL
Yonghua Li-Beisson Inst. Biosci. Biotech., CEA Cadarache, FR
Jin Liu LABI, College of Engineering, Peking University, CN
John McGowen AzCATI, Arizona State University, Tempe, US
Rui Miao KTH Royal Inst. of Technology, Uppsala University, SE
Saul Purton Structural and Molecular Biology, UCL, GB
Tsuyoshi Tanaka Tokyo University of Agriculture & Technol., JP
Vitor Verdelho EABA European Algae Biomass Association, PT
further speakers to be announced  
Conference Chairs  
EonSeon Jin  Dept. of Life Science, Hanyang University, KR 
Kyle Lauersen  Biol. & Environ. Sci. & Engineer. Div., KAUST, SA
Olaf Kruse Bielefeld University, CeBiTec, DE
Gertraut Lehmann Bielefeld University, CeBiTec, DE
Jan Mussgnug Bielefeld University, CeBiTec, DE



The 2024 International CeBiTec Research Conference Bielefeld aims at giving a complete overview of the challenges facing the exploitation of microalgae and cyanobacteria for industrial biotechnology, from biofuels to high value proteins and chemicals.

Industrial Biotechnology is a central pillar of the knowledge-based bioeconomy with applications e.g. in the food & feed, biofuel, cosmetics and medical industries. To further strengthen this sector of industry, advances in biological research and molecular technologies are combined with novel synthetic biology and industrial production strategies to improve the quality of existing product, increase the sustainability and commercial viability of product generation and to generate novel product lines.

Complementing the traditional heterotrophic bacteria- and yeast-based systems, photosynthetic hosts offer great additional potential, since these hosts can use sunlight energy as the sole energy source for biological product generation.
Algae are ideal photosynthetic hosts in many respects. Algal growth is not restricted to arable land, can reach high biomass production rates and the cultivation conditions can be strictly controlled. Furthermore, and genetic tools and techniques for metabolic engineering are well established.

The conference program will include highly relevant topics from fundamental algal biology research to applied aspects of algal biotechnology, with a special focus on molecular biology.

Distinguished invited speakers from academia and industry will present current prospects and furthermore, short talks selected from the submitted abstracts will complete the oral presentation section of the conference.



Please register to the conference by using the online system.

Registration is open, click HERE to register!

If you already registered, please use the link provided in the automated email to submit or modify your abstract.


Abstracts and presentations

Deadline for abstract submission is 30.06.2024. Please submit your abstract during the online registration process.

Only .rtf or .pdf files can be submitted.

For .rtf abstracts, please use  template provided HERE

For .pdf abstracts, please use template provided  HERE

You will be noticed via email if your abstract is selected for a poster or talk.

Please prepare the poster as DIN A0, upright portrait format.

If your abstract was selected for a talk, please bring your presentation (powerpoint or .pdf) on a USB stick to the conference. It is not recommended to bring a computer, since technical difficulties might occur.


Registration fee


Attendee's affiliation/status:


€ 250

General fees, Lunch,

Coffee breaks

Student (+conference dinner)

€ 310

General fees, Lunch

Coffee breaks, Conference dinner


€ 490

General fees, Lunch

Coffee breaks, Conference dinner

Industry Attendee

€ 700

General fees, Lunch

Coffee breaks, Conference dinner

Student fees only apply to undergraduate and PhD students. If students want to join the conference dinner, an extra fee of €60,- applies. In this case, please choose the "+conference dinner" option during the registration process.

The registration fee covers the conference materials including conference book, meals/snacks & coffee.

Please follow the payment details provided in the automated emails.

For participants from outside the EU:

please transfer the fee in EURO currency and make sure to include all related bank fees, which will not be covered by us.



You are encouraged to book your accommodation in the Mercure Hotel Bielefeld.

Use the keyword "ICRC2024" when booking your room to receive a special discount.

  • Standard room, kingsize bed (one or two persons, room sharing is possible)
  • Breakfast, WLAN & parking included
  • Discount rates (double bedroom) are to be determined later.
  • Note: Most rooms are reserved only from Monday, 16.09.2024 until Wednesday, 18.09.2024 (Only a limited number of rooms are available already on Sunday. 

This is a very busy time of year in Bielefeld, so make sure to book your room in the Mercure hotel as early as possible!

Please do not use any online booking for the Mercure hotel, but instead write an email directly to the hotel.

Mercure Hotel Bielefeld
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Other accomodation options in Bielefeld

Please be aware that availability of other accomodations will be limited at this time of year, due to several concurrent conferencens in Bielefeld.

Early booking is highly recommended!

A list of options is available here:
Bielefeld hotels


Conference venue

The conference will be held at the Center for Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC) of Bielefeld University, Inspiration 1, 33619 Bielefeld.


Travel Information

Detailed information on how to travel to Bielefeld University can be found HERE and to the conference venue HERE.


Further Information

 For further information, please send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



The 13th International Bielefeld-CeBiTec Research Conference is jointly organised by CeBiTec, Bielefeld University and the GFT e.V. (Gesellschaft zur Foerderung des Forschungs- und Technologietransfers in der Universitaet Bielefeld e.V.).

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