CeBiTec Distinguished Lecture
Thursday, December 18th 2014, 17 c.t.
Plenary Hall, ZiF building
Eddy Rubin, MD PhD
Director Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute
Director Genomics Division
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, California (USA)
Microbial Dark Matter and Beyond the Human Exome
Genome sequencing enhances our understanding of the biological world providing blueprints for the evolutionary and functional diversity that shapes the biosphere as well as the biology of humans. I will describe the use of large scale metagenomics and single-cell genomics to explore uncultivated archaeal and bacterial cells from mutiple diverse habitats. These analyses have significantly increased the genomic representation of the tree of life as well as provided a systematic step towards a better understanding of biological evolution on our planet.
In addition I will describe work on the human genome exploring the role of non-coding gene regulatory sequences in normal and disease states using genetically engineered mice.
Host: Dr. Alexander Sczyrba