The BioEnergieTechnikum is a technical center for bioenergy research. The infrastructure allows interdisciplinary research projects to be conducted and scaled-up to a technically relevant size.


The technical center for bioenergy research was officially opened in November 2011 as an affiliated laboratory with the Center for Biotechnology (CeBiTec) of Bielefeld University. It was built to provide the space and technical requirements to expand ongoing projects and realize new research work in the field of bioenergy research & application.

Lead by the Facility Management of Bielefeld University, a building affiliated with the department for Behaviour Science was extensively renovated and equipped with the appropriate technical infrastructure and safety equipment to allow the technical center to be operated as an independent laboratory building. The building reconstruction was financed by Bielefeld University and sponsored by the municipal supply company Stadtwerke Bielefeld.


Operation of the technical center for bioenergy research is managed by the Department for Algae Biotechnology and Bioenergy. The modern technical infrastructure and the interdisciplinary approach of the center offers the groups and departments of Bielefeld University access to setup experiments related to Bioenergy Research on a technical scale.