Metabolic Engineering of Unicellular Systems and Bioproduction

Microorganisms, unicellular algae, and mammalian cell lines are applied for the production of a broad spectrum of valuable products. These include the sustainable production of bioproducts with microorganisms (monomers for biopolymers, secondary metabolites, amino acids and proteins, especially enzymes), the production of recombinant therapeutic and diagnostic proteins in animal cell lines, studies of plant growth and development, the optimisation of the sunlight-to-biomass conversion in phototrophic microorganisms, the production of biofuels with heterotrophic and phototrophic organisms, and the protein production and secretion as well as the synthesis of hydrocarbon compounds and the biocatalytic H2 production with microalgae.

Speakers: Prof. Dr. V.F. Wendisch and Prof. Dr. N. Sewald


Selection of current projects